Management Team

Interjet has a strong team of experienced aviation specialists with combined work experience of over 150 years. The team has a good blend of skills and expertise relevant to the aircrafts currently serviced.

Managing Director Bruce Booysen  
Business Development Dir Paul Mabuya Kasango
Financial Manager Salim Cotwal
Avionic Manager Shane Robson
Client Relations Manager Liz Ramnath
Maintenance Manager Darryl Kincaid
Avionic Sales Riaan van der Merwe
Quality Assurance Marie van Aswegen
Procurement Stores Manager Navin Chetty
Training (AMETA) / General Sales  Ashley Starke
Production Manager Francois Fourie


We're new clients to INTERJET but we feel like we've been here a long time. Thanks for making us feel at home and for going the extra mile to get us airbourne on time. Your constant care and attention coupled with the advantage of being able to discuss maintenance issues with Key personnel at any time has made all the difference to us.

All the staff are friendly and professional and this makes such a change after having received poor service from the bigger companies for a number of years. I especially appreciate the way that all costs are carefully negotiated before we engage maintenance work and that our opinions are valued as to how to tackle issues and how to cost them. This has saved our company a fair sum of money already and affords our employer peace of mind.

Colin Bremner

Chief Pilot : MKHONDAIR

I would like to take a moment to thank both you and your floor staff team for the quick and high standard of work done on the aircraft I manage on behalf of the Owners.

The fact that you have staff willing to work at any time to keep an aircraft operational is of huge importance to me as the manager, as well as to the Owners. As you are well aware, an unserviceable aircraft is really only good as a doorstop, and does not earn the Owners income or facilitate their business while grounded.

The level of professionalism displayed by your team in getting the snags repaired, electrical and avionics work done and returning the machine to service promptly, and with everything done right first time is a rare service indeed at Lanseria.
As you are aware, getting it right first time is my company motto and it is important to me that Interjet could keep my undertakings to my clients.

A special mention I think, is warranted for Shane in Avionics who sorted out the problem with the FMS in record time and got it operational.

Steve Anderson

Biz Jet Management

Our Company History

Interjet Group is a licensed privately owned Aircraft Maintenance and Avionics Company; which has been in business for over two decades.

Interjet was originally a family business created to service and maintain their own aircraft. For many years it consisted of two companies, Interjet Maintenance and Inter Avionics, both of which shared the same ownership and management but operated as two different entities.

Interjet Maintenance primarily serviced mid-sized business jets and now and again a small turbo prop aircraft. Over the past decade they have moved into all sorts of Turbo prop aircraft from single engine Cessna Caravans to Embraer 120’s while still supporting a large range of business jets from Cessna Citations to Gulfstream’s.

Inter Avionics has always serviced any type of aircraft that a customer brings to them. They have their own workshops servicing a variety of avionics from basic radios to radar’s and digital flight recorders. One of the areas Inter Avionics has always excelled at is upgrading older avionics systems and installations of new systems. Many, many general aviation aircraft throughout the African continent and Indian Ocean islands have documentation in their log books showing installations and upgrades carried out over the years by Inter Avionics (and more recently Interjet Maintenance).

In 2009 the company was sold by the original owners. The new shareholders started on a drive to modernize the company and enhance its capabilities while also making the company more efficient and easier for customers to deal with. These changes culminated in July 2012 with the activities of the two companies being merged together under one banner, Interjet Maintenance (Pty) Ltd.

Today the company is growing every day and has one of the largest general aviation avionic divisions in Africa catering for general avionics, auto pilots, radar and crash recorders etc. with a growing instrument workshop and a large installations division. The maintenance division has an engine workshop doing Hot Section inspection and basic repairs on Pratt & Whitney Canada engines, they are a registered Pratt & Whitney Canada service provider linked to Pratt and Whitney Europe. They also have an electrical workshop.

In 2013 Interjet Maintenance was also the first South African Avionics company to obtain a license for its own avionic Design Organization enabling it to fall in line with the South African Civil Aviation Authorities latest requirements and ensuring that the company could continue providing its customers with fully certified upgraded and new avionic installations for all types of systems and aircraft. Interjet operates under South African Aircraft Maintenance Organisation License AMO 080.

We also have an on-site AMETA - Aircraft Maintenance & Avionics Training Program.

Interjet Maintenance is a proud independent aircraft Maintenance company that aims to provide customers with the highest standard of maintenance and service possible.


Interjet is a maintenance station currently approved by :

  • The South African CAA
  • The Nigerian NCAA
  • The Angolan INAVIC
  • The Botswana CAA
  • The Namibian NCAA
  • And others

Work process

  • Inspection
  • Defect Logging
  • Allocation (AME)
  • Work flow Planning
  • Cost estimates (Quotes)
  • Checks ( Compliance, Warranties, safety etc)

Privileges of Approval:

  • Category A
  • Category B
  • Category C
  • Category W
  • Category X

Inter Avionics (AMO 199)

We have a fully licensed avionic department, accredited as dealers for many agencies including:

  • Collins
  • Honeywell
  • Universal
  • Sandel
  • FDS
  • L-3 Communication

Service support includes:

  • Installation of new avionic systems and equipment.
  • Modification of existing systems.
  • Aircraft fault repairs.
  • Bench repair of various avionic equipment.
  • Capabilities in all Bendix King; allied Signal; All Honeywell and Rockwell Collins BRGA radars
  • All King HF Systems and repair and Installation.
  • SACAA Certified FDR readout facility for all F1000,and FA2100 FDR’s
  • Repairs and RTS certification on the FA2100 DFRD/CVFDR.
  • FA2100 CVR transcription and recertification.