Design Organisation

In 2010, Interjet launched our Design Organisation and we are rightly proud of our SACAA approval and our well-structured Manual Of Procedures. The Design Organisation specialises in aircraft avionics, electrical and instrument design as well as approval services for all minor and major avionics upgrades and modifications for large and small aircraft and rotorcraft. We make sure that all upgrades and modifications are totally compliant with the SACAA laws and regulations.

Our Design team has a very professional and supportive working relationship with the South African CAA and with their help we can make sure that all your STC’s, modifications and certifications are dealt with timeously. We are therefor able to offer our clients a full product, from sales to design, to installation and also support.

Our design capabilities range from all types of avionic installations, upgrades, retrofits, refurbishments, including electrical, instruments etc as well as :

  • Avionic upgrades
  • New Avionic installations
  • Electrical installations
  • New Instrument installations
  • Antenna and Sensor installations
  • Flight Inspection System Installations
  • In Flight Entertainment systems
  • Satellite communication.
  • Tracking systems
  • Ambulance and EMS/HEMS modifications
  • Search and rescue modifications
  • Camera installations
  • ADAS modifications and installations
  • Special Purpose Appliance System Installations in the galley area
  • Structural Design and Modifications in support of the abovementioned

We are not only a SA CAA approved organisation, our STC’s have also been accepted and approved in several African countries by the relevant Civil Aviation Authorities.

Whatever your design needs, from minor to major STC and modification, our expert and dedicated design team will help you

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