Engine Maintenance

In today's highly competitive business environment, reliable partners are vital in order to ensure sustainable operations and growth. With over 2 decades of experience and a strong team, Interjet is a competent and trustworthy partner.

We offer a spectrum of services within our maintenance capabilities. Our maintenance service is delivered using in-house capabilities of our hangars and our support services. We provide spare part and component supply repair and management services for any type of aircraft in your fleet. Our comprehensive engine maintenance service is aimed at saving the client time and money. We pride ourselves on our strong experience in aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul solutions and technical know-how.

Service Bulletins

Interjet is capable of carrying out any and all Service Bulletins (SB) for the variety of Aircraft Products on our Operation Specification sheet and Capability List.

This includes the Airworthiness Directives (AD) published for these Aircraft that are coupled to the Manufacturers Service Bulletins.

The SB's are the primary means of communication from the manufacturer of a particular aircraft and component. SB’s keep us abreast of any maintenance or operational safety issue detected or improvement within the product fleet. The SB is the most efficient means to get the information out to the Worldwide Owners, Operators and Maintenance Organisations. These parties pay an annual fee to have access to this information on various websites, and cannot legally hold any certification without proving their access.

The SB publishes what the particular issue is, what can be done permanently or temporarily. It also recommends what Parts and Labour is required until an AD (Airworthiness Directive) can be formulated, submitted, approved and published by the local Airworthiness Authority. This AD will work hand in hand with the Manufacturers SB.

Service Bulletins can be MANDATORY or RECOMMENDED or OPTIONAL.
Airworthiness Directives are all MANDATORY.

Some of the more Major SB's and AD's Interjet has been involved with are:

  • SB57-38-16 (Beech 1900D) Cold expansion Rivet work on Rear Wing Spar
  • ASB A600-0769 (Challenger CL600) Check/Mod on Exhaust Thrust Reverser Actuator Attach Locking Installation
  • SB120-27 0091 AD2007-03-03 (Embraer 120) Stall Warning Computer
  • SB 11-5 (caravan 208 series) New task-based inspection program - taking the 100 hour MPI to 200 hr. MPI with an Approved Maintenance Schedule.

Interjet can track, research and comply with the directives and any requirements to keep your aircraft where it should be.


Interjet offers maintenance services that range from minor repairs to major alterations. With the wide variety of aircraft we maintain, there is never a dull moment and we endeavour to help any client who walks through our doors. We offer a high quality service on many of today's business / corporate aircraft.

All our service facilities are certified and approvedby various Civil Aviation Authorities in Africa and our staff compliment includes ANP's. Our capability’s encompass”C-Checks", 72 month inspections, Phase inspections as well as all the unscheduled maintenance that goes with these major tasks. With Landing gear installs, engine changes, interior refurbishment, wing bolt inspections etc. as well.

We offer maintenance support on various aftermarket conversions including having the African agency for Texas Turbines - Supervan 900 conversion.

We look forward to meeting your maintenance requirements.


We are a licensed aircraft maintenance company that is geared to making flying pleasurable for both Customers and the Aviation Enthusiasts.

We service and maintain:

  • King Air and Embraer Turbo-props
  • Cessna
  • Piper
  • Hawker Siddeley
  • Learjets
  • Citations
  • Challengers and
  • Gulfstream private jets
  • And many more……