Supervan 900


Adding to our service offering, we are now listed as an approved Texas Turbine Inc. installation facility, which enables us to offer Supervan 900 conversions.

Texas Turbines

Texas Turbine Conversions, Inc. has specialised in modifying aircraft since the 1990’s. The company holds STC’s for multiple aircraft types, including modifications to the DeHavilland DHC-3 Otter removing the P&W R1340 radial engine and installing the Honeywell TPE331-10 turbine engine and modifications to the Cessna 208/208B Caravan removing the P&W PT6-42/114A turbine engine and replacing it with the Honeywell TPE331-12JR turbine engine. Texas Turbines have converted over 40 Otters to Honeywell TPE331-10 engines, since 2001, and over 35 Cessna Caravans to Honeywell TPR331-12JR engines (up to June 2012). Now through their association with Interjet, you can take advantage of their professional conversion skills right here on the African continent.

The conversion

The standard 675HP PT6A 114A engine is replaced with the Honeywell 900HP TPE331-12JR engine, literally turning your Caravan into a Super Van, The Supervan 900.

What is fitted:

  • New Honeywell TPE331-12JR-702TT engine, Flat rated up to 36C at 900 SHP with auto star, torque temperature limiter and single Red line computer.
  • New Hartzell 110” four-blade, reversible, full feathering propeller.
  • New engine mounts.
  • New starter/generator.
  • New digital/analog engine instruments (except oil press. and fuel flow).
  • New engine cowlings.
  • Two new Concord RG390 sealed Batteries.
  • New oil cooler.
  • New Electronic Generator control unit.
  • New Electronic Alternator control unit.
  • New Electrical Junction box, and modified electrical system.
  • New hardware and Misc. components.


  • 900 shp for take-off and continuous operation (1150+ shp thermo – flat rated to 900HP)
  • 7000 hr TBO for all commercial operators
  • 2500 hr - 5 year warranty (non pro-rated)
  • Auto-start & single red line (SRL) computer standard
  • Torque/Temperature limiter standard


  • Lower hourly operating cost
  • Lower fuel burn for the same speed as a standard PT6 powered C208
  • Provide more power and performance
  • Equal or better reliability
  • Clean & simple modification
  • Reasonable price
  • Greatly improved performance in icing conditions
  • Increases the rate-of-climb
  • 35-40 knot higher cruise speed
  • 14 knots faster for the same fuel flow
  • 4-6 gal/hr fuel savings for the same speed
  • 40-50% Shorter Take off Distance

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